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The Expanding Role of National Metrology Institutes in the Quantum Era

July 12, 2022
Alexander Tzalenchuk, Nicolas Spethmann, Tim Prior, Jay H. Hendricks, Yijie Pan, Vladimir Bubanja, Guilherme Temporao, Dai-Hyuk Yu, Damir Ilic, Barbara L. Goldstein
Now that all base units are defined in terms of fundamental constants and can thus — at least in principle — be realized anytime and anywhere, rather than through a measurement chain leading back to unique physical artefacts, who holds the traceability

A New Spin on Kibble: A Self Calibrating Torque Realization Device at NIST

June 3, 2022
Zane Comden, Stephan Schlamminger, Charles Waduwarage Perera, Frank Seifert, David B. Newell, Jay H. Hendricks, Barbara L. Goldstein, Leon Chao
After the 2019 redefinition of the International System of Units (SI), torque no longer needs to be traceable to a calibrated weight suspended from a known lever arm. Specifically, a modification of the Kibble principle used for realizing the kilogram


September 30, 2021
Jacob Edmond Ricker, Jay H. Hendricks, Kevin O. Douglass, Sarah White, Sergei Syssoev
Optical gas refractometry has enabled new pressure standards to be developed based on a dual Fixed Length Optical Cavity (FLOC) system. NIST in partnership with MKS Instruments has created a portable FLOC pressure standard based gas refractivity. A key

Quantum-Based Photonic Sensors for Pressure, Vacuum, and Temperature Measurements: A Vison of the Future with NIST on a Chip

September 17, 2021
Jay H. Hendricks, Zeeshan Ahmed, Daniel Barker, Kevin O. Douglass, Stephen Eckel, James A. Fedchak, Nikolai Klimov, Jacob Edmond Ricker, Julia Scherschligt
The NIST on a Chip (NOAC) program's central idea is the idea that measurement technology can be developed to enable metrology to be performed "outside the National Metrology Institute" by the crea-tion of deployed and often miniaturized standards. These

NIST on a Chip: Photonic and Quantum-Based Sensors for Measurements of Pressure, Vacuum, Temperature and Beyond!

April 29, 2021
Jay H. Hendricks, Zeeshan Ahmed, Daniel Barker, Stephen Eckel, James A. Fedchak, Nikolai Klimov, Julia Scherschligt
At the core of the NIST on a Chip (NoAC) program is the idea that measurement technology can be developed to enable metrology to be done "outside the National Metrology Institute" by virtue of deployed and often miniaturized standards (that can also serve

Transient heating in fixed length optical cavities for use as temperature and pressure standards

February 25, 2021
Jacob Edmond Ricker, Kevin O. Douglass, Jay H. Hendricks, Jack Stone, Sergei Syssoev, Sefer Avdiaj
Optical refractometry techniques can enable realization of both pressure and temperature directly from properties of the gas. For achieving the highest possible accuracy, temperature uniformity across the refractometer must be less than 1 mK. However, the

Excess Electrons Bound to H2S Trimer and Tetramer Clusters

January 24, 2020
Gaoxiang Liu, Manuel Diaz-Tinoco, Sandra M. Ciborowski, Chalynette Martinez-Martinez, Svetlana Lyspustina, Jay H. Hendricks, Vincent Ortiz, Kit H. Bowen
The hydrogen sulfide trimer and tetramer anions, (H2S)3– and (H2S)4–, were generated by Rydberg electron transfer and studied via a synergy between velocity-map imaging anion photoelectron spectroscopy and high-level quantum chemical calculations. The

Dual Cavity Refractivity measurements using a single Laser

September 15, 2019
Kevin O. Douglass, Jacob Edmond Ricker, Stephen Eckel, Jay H. Hendricks
We present a method for measuring refractivity-based pressure changes using a dual Fabry-Perot cavity utilizing a single laser with off-set sideband locking to the second cavity. Preliminary data illustrate the utility of the technique.

Towards Photonic based Pascal Realization as a Primary Pressure Standard

February 7, 2019
Jacob E. Ricker, Jay H. Hendricks, Patrick F. Egan, Jack Stone, Kevin O. Douglass, Gregory Scace
New techniques using refractometry have enabled gas pressure to be measured using laser interferometry. Two key techniques have been studied at NIST which include the Fixed Length Optical Cavity (FLOC) and the Variable Length Optical Cavity (VLOC). The

Quantum-based vacuum metrology at NIST

June 20, 2018
Julia K. Scherschligt, James A. Fedchak, Zeeshan Ahmed, Daniel S. Barker, Kevin O. Douglass, Stephen P. Eckel, Edward T. Hanson, Jay H. Hendricks, Thomas P. Purdy, Jacob E. Ricker, Robinjeet Singh
The measurement science in realizing and disseminating the SI unit for pressure, the pascal (Pa), has been the subject of much interest at NIST. Modern optical-based techniques for pascal metrology have been investigated, including multi-photon ionization

Recent Developments in Surface Science and Engineering, Thin Films, Nanoscience, Biomaterials, Plasma Science, and Vacuum Technology

May 31, 2018
Miran Mozetic, Alenka Vesel, Gregor Primc, J. Bauer, A. Eder, G. H. S. Schmid, David Ruzic, Zeeshan Ahmed, Daniel Barker, Kevin O. Douglass, Stephen Eckel, James A. Fedchak, Jay H. Hendricks, Nikolai Klimov, Jacob Edmond Ricker, Julia Scherschligt, Jack A. Stone Jr., Gregory F. Strouse, I. Capan, M Buljan, S. Milosevic, C Teichert, S R. Cohen, A G. Silva, M Lehocky, P Humpolicek, C Rodriguez, J Hernandez-Montelongo, E Punzon-Quijorna, D Mercier, M Manso-Silvan, G Ceccone, A Galtayries, K Stana-Kleinschek, I Petrov, J E. Greene, J Avila, C Y. Chen, B Caja, H Yi, A Boury, S Lorcy, M C. Asensio, T Gans, D O?Connell, F Reniers, A Vincze, M Anderle
Nanometer-sized structures, surfaces and sub-surface phenomena have played an enormous role in science and technological applications and represent a driving-force of current interdisciplinary science. Recent developments include the atomic-scale

Recommended practice for calibrating vacuum gauges of the ionization type

April 27, 2018
James A. Fedchak, Patrick J. Abbott, Jay H. Hendricks, Paul C. Arnold, Neil T. Peacock
This document represents a recommended practice for the calibration of ionization gauges using the comparison method. In this method, ionization gauges are compared to a working standard that has an SI traceable calibration. The ionization gauge is either

Quantum for Pressure

January 5, 2018
Jay H. Hendricks, Patrick F. Egan, Jacob E. Ricker, Jack A. Stone Jr., Kevin O. Douglass, Gregory F. Strouse
A team of NIST scientists is working to fundamentally change the way that the unit of pressure is realized and disseminated, an effort that will lead to the elimination of mercury barometer pressure standards.

Perspectives for a new realization of the pascal by optical methods

October 24, 2017
Jay H. Hendricks, Karl Jousten, Jack A. Stone Jr., Patrick F. Egan, Tom Rubin, Christof Gaiser, Rene Schodel, James A. Fedchak, Jacob E. Ricker, Jens Fluegge, Stephen P. Eckel, Julia K. Scherschligt, Daniel S. Barker, Kevin O. Douglass, Gregory F. Strouse, Uwe Sterr, Waldimir Sabuga
Since the beginning of measurement of pressure in the 17th century, the unit of pressure has been defined by the relationship of force per unit area. The present state of optical technology now offers the possibility of using a thermodynamic definition

An integrated and automated calibration system for pneumatic piston gauges

October 17, 2017
Yuanchao Yang, Robert G. Driver, John S. Quintavalle, Julia Scherschligt, Katie M. Schlatter, Jacob Edmond Ricker, Gregory F. Strouse, Douglas A. Olson, Jay H. Hendricks
Recently, a transducer-aided crossfloat (TAC) method for pneumatic piston gauges was proposed. The concept is to use a pressure transducer as a very short-term transfer standard between the standard piston gauge and the test one. Different from the

Cell-based refractometer for pascal realization

July 24, 2017
Patrick F. Egan, Jack A. Stone Jr., Jacob E. Ricker, Jay H. Hendricks, Gregory F. Strouse
We describe a method for determining density of helium via measurements of optical refractivity. In combination with the equation of state, this allows realization of the pascal. Our apparatus is based on the integration of a gas triple-cell into a quasi

Stuck in a moment: A view from the MIRE

April 20, 2017
Patrick Egan, Jack A. Stone Jr., Jacob Edmond Ricker, Jay H. Hendricks
The next-generation pressure standards will be realized via gas density and the equation of state. One way to access the density is through a measurement of gas refractivity, underpinned by the theoretical calculations that predict the relationship between

Draft B Report on the Key Comparison CCM.P-K4.2012 in Absolute Pressure from 1 Pa to 10 kPa

December 7, 2016
Jacob E. Ricker, Jay H. Hendricks, Thomas Bock, Prazak Dominik, Tokihiko Kobata, Jorge Torres, Irina Sadkovskaya
This report summarizes the Consultative Committee for Mass (CCM) key comparison CCM.P-K4.2012 for absolute pressure spanning the range of 1 Pa to 10 000 Pa. The comparison was completed via calibration of a transfer standard carried out at six NMIs during

Laser Refractometer as a Transfer Standard of the Pascal

July 9, 2016
Patrick Egan, Jack A. Stone Jr., Jacob Edmond Ricker, Jay H. Hendricks
We have developed a new low pressure sensor which is based on the measurement of (nitrogen) gas refractivity inside a Fabry-Perot (FP) cavity. We compare pressure determinations via this laser refractometer to that of well-established ultrasonic manometers


September 3, 2015
Jay H. Hendricks, Jacob E. Ricker, Jack A. Stone Jr., Patrick F. Egan, Gregory E. Scace, Gregory F. Strouse, Douglas A. Olson, Donavon Gerty
The future of pressure and vacuum measurement will rely on lasers and Fabry-Perot optical cavities, and will be based on fundamental physics of light interacting with a gas. Light interacts at the quantum level with matter such that light travels at a

Performance of a dual Fabry-Perot cavity refractometer

August 18, 2015
Patrick F. Egan, Jack A. Stone Jr., Jay H. Hendricks, Jacob E. Ricker, Gregory E. Scace, Gregory F. Strouse
We have built and characterized a refractometer that utilizes two Fabry-Perot cavities formed on a dimensionally stable spacer. In the typical mode of operation, one cavity is held at vacuum and the other cavity is filled with nitrogen gas. The

In Search of Better Pressure Standards

August 1, 2014
Jay H. Hendricks, Jacob E. Ricker, Patrick F. Egan, Gregory F. Strouse
Based on highly accurate optical interferometry and fundamental quantum calculations, researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the US are developing an improved definition of the SI unit for pressure that will consign the