Towards Photonic based Pascal Realization as a Primary Pressure Standard

Published: February 07, 2019


Jacob E. Ricker, Jay H. Hendricks, Patrick F. Egan, Jack Stone, Kevin O. Douglass, Gregory Scace


New techniques using refractometry have enabled gas pressure to be measured using laser interferometry. Two key techniques have been studied at NIST which include the Fixed Length Optical Cavity (FLOC) and the Variable Length Optical Cavity (VLOC). The measurement techniques are described and the traceability of these measurements through quantum mechanics that enables them to be primary standards. This technology is critical for gas pressure metrology to move away from artifact based standards (and especially mercury based) and move to quantum based methods for realization of the pascal.
Citation: Journal of Physics: Conference Series
Pub Type: Journals


Pressure, Pascal, Photonic, Refractometry, Metrology
Created February 07, 2019, Updated June 19, 2019