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The Expanding Role of National Metrology Institutes in the Quantum Era



Alexander Tzalenchuk, Nicolas Spethmann, Tim Prior, Jay H. Hendricks, Yijie Pan, Vladimir Bubanja, Guilherme Temporão, Dai-Hyuk Yu, Damir Ilić, Barbara L. Goldstein


Now that all base units are defined in terms of fundamental constants and can thus — at least in principle — be realized anytime and anywhere, rather than through a measurement chain leading back to unique physical artefacts, who holds the traceability chains? Quantum technologies enable the realization of high-precision standards both within laboratories and in the form of miniaturized, intrinsically accurate and quantum-referenced sensors. Combined with the new pathways for traceability opened up by the SI redefinition, they pose both an exciting challenge and a tremendous opportunity for NMIs.
Nature Physics
July 2022


NMI, Quantum, NOAC, National Metrology Institute, Metrology, SI, Quantum Standards: NIST on a Chip


Tzalenchuk, A. , Spethmann, N. , Prior, T. , Hendricks, J. , Pan, Y. , Bubanja, V. , Temporão, G. , Yu, D. , Ilić, D. and Goldstein, B. (2022), The Expanding Role of National Metrology Institutes in the Quantum Era, Nature Physics, [online],, (Accessed April 18, 2024)
Created July 12, 2022, Updated November 29, 2022