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Major to Trace Element Imaging and Analysis of Iron Age Glasses Using Stage Scanning in The Analytical Dual Beam Microscope (Tandem)

June 16, 2022
Edward P. Vicenzi, Thomas Lam, Jamie Weaver, Andrew Herzing, John McCloy, Rolf Sjoblom, Carolyn Pearce
Dark and clear silicate glasses formed during an iron age vitrification event ≈ 1500 years ago at the Broborg hillfort near Uppsala, Sweden have been analyzed using a scanning electron microscope equipped with a micro-X-ray fluorescence (μXRF) spectrometer

Mechanical interfaces in machine tools

June 16, 2022
Erhan Budak, Atsushi Matsubara, Alkan Donmez, Jokin Manua
Machine tools involve various mechanical interfaces in different forms and styles which affect the performance significantly in terms of rigidity, thermal stability, precision, and accuracy. This paper presents a review of the related literature in machine

Robust spin relaxometry with fast adaptive Bayesian estimation

June 15, 2022
Michael Caouette-Mansour, Adrian Solyom, Brandon Ruffolo, Robert D. McMichael, Jack Childress (Sankey), Lilian Childress
Spin relaxometry with nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers in diamond offers a spectrally selective, atomically localized, and calibrated measurement of microwave-frequency magnetic noise, presenting a versatile probe for condensed matter and biological systems

Smart Cities and Communities: A Key Performance Indicators Framework

June 14, 2022
David A. Wollman, Edward Griffor, Chris Greer, Michael Dunaway, Martin Serrano, Martin Burns, Sokwoo Rhee
This publication presents research findings and scientific work that advance the development and progression of smart city and community measurement methodology. The term 'smart,' as used in the phrase 'smart cities,' is defined here as the efficient use

Ordered t-way Combinations for Testing State-based Systems

June 13, 2022
D. Richard Kuhn, M S Raunak, Raghu N. Kacker
Fault detection often depends on the specific order of inputs that establish states which eventually lead to a failure. However, beyond basic structural coverage metrics, it is often difficult to determine if code has been exercised sufficiently to ensure

Specification for Interoperability Testing of Contactless Fingerprint Acquisition Devices

June 8, 2022
John M. Libert, Shahram Orandi, Bruce Bandini, Kenneth Ko, Craig I. Watson, Christopher Stafford, Matthew E. Staymates, John Grantham
This guidance specifies a protocol and associated metrics for the evaluation of contactless fingerprint acquisition device, and their interoperability with legacy devices. This protocol enables contactless fingerprint developers seeking certification of

Users Are Not Stupid: Eight Cybersecurity Pitfalls Overturned

June 7, 2022
Julie Haney
Whether you're implementing security policy or developing products, considering the human element is critical. Yet security professionals often fall victim to misconceptions and pitfalls that undermine users' ability to reach their full security potential

Certification of Standard Reference Material(R) 114r Portland Cement Fineness

June 6, 2022
Eduarda Votri, Blaza Toman, Paul E. Stutzman
The SRM 114 series for portland cement fineness has been provided by NIST since 1934 for use in calibrating instruments for measuring fineness characteristics of portland cement and other powdered construction materials. SRM 114r is the latest of this

High Energy X-Ray Diffraction and Small-Angle Scattering Measurements of Hydrogen Fatigue Damage in AISI 4130 Steel

June 4, 2022
Matthew Connolly, May Martin, Peter Bradley, Damian Lauria, Andrew Slifka, Jun-Sang Park, Robert Amaro, Jonathan Almer
Accurate lifetime predictions are critical for repurposing existing pipelines for hydrogen transmission as well as for developing novel steels which are minimally susceptible to lifetime degradation by hydrogen. Ultimately, lifetime prediction models

A New Spin on Kibble: A Self Calibrating Torque Realization Device at NIST

June 3, 2022
Zane Comden, Stephan Schlamminger, Charles Waduwarage Perera, Frank Seifert, David B. Newell, Jay H. Hendricks, Barbara L. Goldstein, Leon Chao
After the 2019 redefinition of the International System of Units (SI), torque no longer needs to be traceable to a calibrated weight suspended from a known lever arm. Specifically, a modification of the Kibble principle used for realizing the kilogram

Assessment of intra-build variations in tensile strength in electron beam powder-bed fusion Ti-6Al-4V part 1: Effects of build height

June 2, 2022
Nicholas Derimow, Alejandro Romero, Aldo Rubio, Cesar Terrazas, Newell Moser, Orion Kafka, Jake Benzing, Francisco Medina, Ryan Wicker, Nik Hrabe
In this work, rectangular blocks of electron beam powder-bed fusion (PBF-EB) additively manufactured (AM) Ti-6Al-4V were built, such that a total of 68 mini-tensile test coupons could be extracted for mechanical testing over a range of build height and
Displaying 1 - 25 of 54629