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Design of a 3000 pixel transition-edge sensor x-ray spectrometer for microcircuit tomography

Paul Szypryt, Douglas Bennett, William J. Boone, Amber L. Dagel, G Dalton, William Doriese, Malcolm Durkin, Joseph Fowler, Edward Garboczi, Jonathon D. Gard, Gene Hilton, Jozsef Imrek, E S. Jimenez, Vincent Y. Kotsubo, K Larson, Zachary H. Levine, John A. Mates, D McArthur, Kelsey Morgan, Nathan J. Nakamura, Galen O'Neil, Nathan J. Ortiz, Christine G. Pappas, Carl Reintsema, Daniel Schmidt, Daniel Swetz, K R. Thompson, Joel Ullom, C Walker, Joel C. Weber, Abigail L. Wessels, J W. Wheeler
Feature sizes in integrated circuits have decreased substantially over time, and it has become increasingly difficult to three-dimensionally image these complex

Automated Piston Gauge Calibration System.

Julia Scherschligt, Yuanchao Yang, Katie M. Schlatter, Robert G. Driver, Christina D. Cross, John S. Quintavalle
Piston gauges or pressure balances are important primary standards for the realization of the SI unit of pressure, the Pascal. The National Institute of

Blackbody Radiation Noise Broadening of Quantum Systems

Eric B. Norrgard, Stephen Eckel, Christopher Holloway, Eric L. Shirley
Precision measurements of quantum systems often seek to probe or must account for the interaction with blackbody radiation. Over the past several decades, much


Yuqin Zong, Ping-Shine Shaw, Joseph Rice, Carl C. Miller
To shorten the long calibration chain when using the conventional source-based approach and therefore to reduce spectroradiometer's calibration uncertainty, we

Depolarization in diffusely scattering media

Thomas Germer
We performed Mueller matrix Monte Carlo simulations of the propagation of optical radiation in diffusely scattering media for collimated incidence and report

Quantum Blackbody Thermometry

Eric B. Norrgard, Stephen Eckel, Christopher Holloway, Eric L. Shirley
Blackbody radiation (BBR) sources are calculable radiation sources that are frequently used in radiometry, temperature dissemination, and remote sensing

Recent research and development in photometry at NIST

Yuqin Zong, Maria E. Nadal, Benjamin K. Tsai, Carl C. Miller
Many developments were made in recent years in photometry at NIST for reducing measurement uncertainties, increasing calibration efficiencies, and adding

Spatial frequency domain Mueller matrix imaging

Joseph Chue-Sang, Aaron Goldfain, Jeeseong Hwang, Thomas Germer
We combine Mueller matrix polarimetry (MMP) with spatial frequency domain imaging (SFDI) to create a technique that is sensitive to near-surface material


Yuqin Zong, Weiqiang Zhao, Carl C. Miller
A large-chip standard LED with superior long-term stability have been developed at NIST. The standard LED uses a large, specialty die rated for 50 W but is

Achromatic Multi Beam Two Phase Grating Neutron Interferometer

Michael G. Huber, Daniel Hussey, Muhammad D. Arif, David Jacobson, Jacob LaManna, Wakana Ueno, Han Wen, Dmitry Pushin, Dusan Sarenac, David Cory, Houxun Miao, Takenao Shinohara, Joseph Parker
We demonstrate a two phase grating multi beam neutron interferometer by adopting a modified Ronchi setup [1] to a neutron beam in a far-field regime. The

Average Soil Water Retention Curves Measured by Neutron Radiography

Daniel Hussey, David Jacobson, Chu-lin Cheng, Misun Kang, Juske Horita, sophie voisin, Hassina Bilheux, Warren Jeffery, Edward Perfect
Water retention curves are essential for understanding the hydrologic behavior of partially- saturated porous media and modeling flow transport processes within

Cold Neutron Radiation Does Effects on a 6LiF:ZnS(Ag) Neutron Detector with Wavelenght Shifting Fibers and SiPM Photodectector

Kevin NMN Pritchard, Daniel Hussey, A. Osovizky, Jeffrey B Ziegler, Louis Edward Binkley, Peter Tsai, Nancy Hadad, M. Jackson, C. Hurlbut, George M Baltic, Charles Majkrzak, Nicholas C. Maliszewskyj
A 6LiF:ZnS(Ag) based cold neutron detector with wavelength shifting (WLS) fibers and SiPM photodetector was developed at the NIST Center for Neutron Research

Design of a neutron microscope based on Wolter mirrors

Daniel Hussey, B. Khaykovich, Jeremy C. Cook, David Jacobson, Jacob LaManna, Kiranmayee Kilaru, Brian Ramsey, M. V. Gubarev
The predominate geometry for a neutron imaging experiment is that of a pinhole camera. This is primarily due to the difficulty in focusing neutrons due to the
Displaying 1 - 25 of 52848