Vacuum Furnace for Degassing Stainless-Steel Vacuum Components

March 01, 2018
James A. Fedchak, Julia K. Scherschligt, Daniel S. Barker, Stephen P. Eckel, Alex P. Farrell, Makfir Sefa
Ultra-high vacuum systems must often be constructed of materials with ultra-low outgassing rates to achieve pressure of 10-6 Pa and below. In such a case, any...

High coherence plane breaking packaging for superconducting qubits

February 07, 2018
David P. Pappas, Xian Wu, Nicholas T. Bronn, Salvatore B. Olivadese, Vivekananda P. Adiga, Jerry M. Chow
Wedemonstrate a pogo pin package for a superconducting quantum processor specifically designed with a nontrivial layout topology (e.g., a center qubit that...