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Suppression of filament defects in embedded 3D printing

Leanne Friedrich, Ross Gunther, Jonathan Seppala
Embedded 3D printing enables the manufacture of soft, intricate structures. In the technique, a nozzle is embedded into a viscoelastic support bath and extrudes

Time-gated Raman spectroscopy of recovered plastics

Anthony Kotula, Sara Orski, Kayla Brignac, Jennifer Lynch, Bryan Heilala
Raman spectroscopy is a powerful non-destructive technique for the identification and characterization of plastics. The technique often has limited use due to

High-performance dual-gate graphene pH sensors

Son Le, Seulki Cho, Alexander Zaslavsky, Curt A. Richter, Arvind Balijepalli
High precision biophysical measurements that are portable and performed without prior labeling of the molecules can greatly benefit several areas of

Errors-in-variables calibration with dark uncertainty

Christina Cecelski, Blaza Toman, Fong-Ha Liu, Juris Meija, Antonio Possolo
A model for errors-in-variables regression is described that can be used to overcome the challenge posed by mutually inconsistent calibration data. The model

Mechanical interfaces in machine tools

Erhan Budak, Atsushi Matsubara, Alkan Donmez, Jokin Manua
Machine tools involve various mechanical interfaces in different forms and styles which affect the performance significantly in terms of rigidity, thermal

Final report on the CCPR Key Comparison CCPR-K3.2014 Luminous Intensity

C Cameron Miller, Yuqin Zong, Arnold Gaertner, Eric Cote, Joaquin Campos, Gael Obein, Peter Blattner, Reto Scafer, Liu Hui, Jiang Xiaomei, Errol Atkinson, Erik Thorvaldson, Kenichi Kinoshita, Rheinhardt Sieberhagen, Irma Rabe, Teresa Goodman, Barry Scott, Armin Sperling, Detlef Lindner, Boris KHlevnoy, Evgeniy Ivashin
The metrological equivalence of national measurement standards in the field of photometry and radiometry is determined by a set of key comparisons chosen and

Robust spin relaxometry with fast adaptive Bayesian estimation

Michael Caouette-Mansour, Adrian Solyom, Brandon Ruffolo, Robert D. McMichael, Jack Childress (Sankey), Lilian Childress
Spin relaxometry with nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers in diamond offers a spectrally selective, atomically localized, and calibrated measurement of microwave

Results from the Baksan Experiment on Sterile Transitions (BEST)

Jeffrey S. Nico, V Barinov, Bruce Cleveland, S Danshin, H Ejiri, Steve Elliott, D Frekers, Vladimir Gavrin, Valery Gorbachev, D Gorbunov, Wick Haxton, Tanya Ibragimova, I Kim, Yu Kozlova, L Kravchuk, V Kuzminov, B Lubsandorzhiev, Yu Malyshkin, R Massarczyk, Victor Matveev, Ilya Mirmov, A Petelin, R Robertson, D Sinclair, A Shikhin, V Tarasov, G Trubnikov, E Veretenkin, John Wilkerson, A Zvir
The Baksan Experiment on Sterile Transitions (BEST) was designed to investigate the deficit of electron neutrinos, nu_e, observed in previous gallium-based

Photonic crystal resonators for inverse-designed multi-dimensional optical interconnects

Jizhao Zang, C. SHIRPURKAR, K.Y. YANG, David Carlson, Su-peng Yu, Erwan Lucas, S.V. PERICHERLA, J. Yang, M. GUIDRY, D. LUKIN, L. TRASK, F. AFLATOUNI, J. VUˇC KOVI´C, Scott Papp, P.J. DELFYETT
We experimentally demonstrate a 40-channel 400 Gbps optical communication link utilizing wavelength division multiplexing and mode-division multiplexing. This

Measurement-induced quantum phases realized in a trapped-ion quantum computer

Michael Gullans, Alexey Gorshkov, David Huse, Christopher Monroe, Crystal Noel, Pradeep Niroula, Daiwei Zhu, Andrew Risinger, Laird Egan, Debopriyo Biswas, Marko Cetina
Many-body open quantum systems balance internal dynamics against decoherence from interactions with an environment. Here, we explore this balance via random