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Quantifying Information Exposure in Internet Routing

Peter M. Mell, Assane Gueye, Christopher A. Schanzle
Data sent over the Internet can be monitored and manipulated by intermediate entities in the data path from the source to the destination. For unencrypted


Yan Lu, Zhuo Yang, Douglas Eddy, Sundar Krishnamurty
The current AM development environment is far from being mature. Both software applications and workflow management tools are very limited due to the lack of

The Industrial Ontologies Foundry Proof-of-Concept Project

Boonserm Kulvatunyou, Evan K. Wallace, Dimitris Kiritsis, Barry Smith, Chris Will
The current industrial revolution is said to be driven by the digitization of manu-facturing that exploits connected information across all aspects of

White Rabbit-Based Time Distribution at NIST

Joshua J. Savory, Jeffrey A. Sherman, Stefania Romisch
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is responsible for ensuring the quality of its international and domestic time and frequency

Pseudorandom Quantum States

Yi-Kai Liu, Zhengfeng Ji, Fang Song
We propose the concept of pseudorandom quantum states, which appear random to any quantum polynomial-time adversary. It offers a computational approximation to