Flood Performance and Dislocation Assessment for Lumberton Homes after Hurricane Matthew

May 26, 2019
Derya Deniz, Elaina Sutley, John W. van de Lindt, Walter G. Peacock, Nathanael Rosenheim, Donghwan Gu, Judith Mitrani-Reiser, Maria K. Dillard, Maria Koliou, Sara Hamideh
In order to better understand community resilience following a disaster, a multi-disciplinary research team from the Center of Excellence (CoE) for Risk-Based...

BABAR: Black Array of Broadband Absolute Radiometers for far infrared sensing

May 13, 2019
Christopher S. Yung, Nathan A. Tomlin, Cameron Straatsma, Joel Rutkowski, Erik Richard, Dave Harber, John H. Lehman, Michelle S. Stephens
Currently at NIST, there is an effort to develop a black array of broadband absolute radiometers (BABAR) for far infrared sensing. The linear array of...

Towards Standard Exoskeleton Test Methods for Load Handling

May 10, 2019
Roger V. Bostelman, YaShian Li-Baboud, Ann M. Virts, Soocheol Yoon, Mili Shah
Exoskeletons are now being marketed by several manufacturers and yet there are currently no standard test methods to compare exoskeletons to task. The National...