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Discover STEM Education Resources



Cara O'Malley, Elizabeth Benham


The National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) invites educators to discover STEM resources on the NIST Educational STEM Resource (NEST-R) registry! Published by NIST scientists, engineers, & staff, NEST-R content is free & publicly available. It can improve science teaching and learning through real-world applications, engaging videos & articles, interviews with diverse scientists, classroom materials, internship & PD info, & more. NEST-R is a bridge into NIST, a world-renowned federal laboratory focused on measurement science, standards, & technology. NIST work touches every STEM area, including the Metric System, the smart electric power grid, electronic health records, atomic clocks, nanomaterials, computer chips, earthquake-resistant skyscrapers, & communication networks. Attendees will see how other educators identified relevant NEST-R resources & incorporated them into their curriculum. They will leave with NIST swag, such as rulers, the Metric Pyramid, & stickers!
Conference Dates
March 20-23, 2024
Conference Location
Denver, CO, US
Conference Title
National Science Teachers Association - National conference, Denver, March 2024


Science, technology, education, educators, standards, engineer, teach, learn, application, laboratory, measurement, STEM, metric, curriculum


O'Malley, C. and Benham, E. (2024), Discover STEM Education Resources, National Science Teachers Association - National conference, Denver, March 2024, Denver, CO, US (Accessed April 19, 2024)
Created March 6, 2024