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Chalcogenide Topological Insulators

Joseph A. Hagmann
The purpose of this chapter is to introduce the reader to the chalcogenide materials systems that host the topological insulator phase of quantum matter

John Werner Cahn

William J. Boettinger, C A. Handwerker, Frank W. Gayle
John Werner Cahn, retired Senior Fellow of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), died in Seattle, WA on March 14, 2016 at age 88. After

Practical Guidelines to 13C-based NMR Metabolomics

Arthur S. Edison, Adrien Le Guennec, Frank Delaglio, Eriks Kupce
We present an overview of 13C-based NMR metabolomics. At first glance, the low sensitivity of 13C relative to 1H NMR might seem like too great an obstacle to

Web Microanalysis of Big Image Data

Peter Bajcsy, Joe Chalfoun, Mylene H. Simon
This book looks at the increasing interest in running microscopy processing algorithms on big image data by presenting the theoretical and architectural

Accelerated Testing: Challenges and Opportunities.

Christopher C. White, Donald L. Hunston
Materials exposed to outdoor weathering will change properties. Currently there are no test methods that result in predictions for those materials. This lack of

Attribute Based Access Control

Chung Tong Hu, David F. Ferraiolo, Ramaswamy Chandramouli, David R. Kuhn
Until now, ABAC research has been documented in hundreds of research papers, but not consolidated in book form. This book explains ABAC's history and model

Chapter 6. Characterization of nanofiber devices

Thomas M. Wallis, Pavel Kabos
Previous chapters have introduced and described a variety of measurement techniques for RF nanoelectronic devices. Here, our objective is to work through an

Chapter 7. Probe-based measurement systems

Thomas M. Wallis, Pavel Kabos
In the preceding chapters, we have focused on broadband, calibrated measurements of nanoelectronic devices. In particular, we have described measurement

Chapter 13. Dynamics of nanoscale magnetic systems

Thomas M. Wallis, Pavel Kabos
The topic of nanoscale magnetic systems is broad and could easily provide enough material for an entire book on its own. In this chapter, as in previous ones

Chapter 12 Depth profiling

Thomas M. Wallis, Pavel Kabos
Microwave tomography is an active, developing research area. The objective is to visualize hidden, subsurface features through application of microwave