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Recent Advances in Industrial Robotics - Introduction



Satyandra K. Gupta, Venkat Krovi, Craig I. Schlenoff


Manufacturing is the staged transformation of raw materials into finished goods (using human-labor, machines, tools, mechanical, chemical or biological processing) on a large scale. The production-line represents a key innovation of the industrial revolution rapidly gained popularity as the principal mass-manufacturing modality of the 20th Century Robotics and automation technologies are critical to various manufacturing industries by virtue of their ability to dramatically increase precision, relieve boredom, and increase throughput and productivity. The robotic systems of tomorrow must be capable, and flexible. These systems need the capacity to perform their duties at least as well as their human counterparts, be quickly re-tasked to other operations, and cope with a wide variety of unexpected environmental and operational changes. To be successful at these tasks, these systems need to incorporate domain expertise, knowledge of their own skills and limitations, and both semantic and geometric information.
Advanced Manufacturing Book – Recent Advances in Industrial Robotics Book
Publisher Info
World Scientific Publishing Co., Inc. New Jersey Office , Hackensack, NJ


performance evaluation, industrial robotics, artificial intelligence, knowledge representation, agility


Gupta, S. , Krovi, V. and Schlenoff, C. (2021), Recent Advances in Industrial Robotics - Introduction, World Scientific Publishing Co., Inc. New Jersey Office , Hackensack, NJ, [online], (Accessed June 13, 2024)


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Created March 15, 2021, Updated October 20, 2022