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WWVB Antenna Configuration and Power

During normal operation WWVB transmits an effective radiated power of 70 kW from two antennas. For maintenance purposes, WWVB sometimes operates on a single antenna or reduced power. The table below reflects this information.

* indicates that an outage or outages occurred during this period, see the WWVB Broadcast Outage web page.

Notice: From approximately 0000 UTC on April 7, 2024 WWVB's south antenna has been disabled as a result of damage from wind gusts in excess of 90 MPH. WWVB continues to operate at reduced overall power using its north antenna only.

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DateMJDBegan (UTC)Ended (UTC)Antenna
Power (kW)
7 April 2024604070140ongoingNorth30 kW
20 March 20246038902051321North30 kW
25 - 26 February, 202460365 - 603660809 (25 Feb)1350 (26 Feb)South30 kW
Created December 5, 2016, Updated April 23, 2024