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WWVB 2023 Antenna Configuration and Power Outages

DateMJDBegan (UTC)Ended (UTC)Antenna ConfigurationRadiated Power (kW)
15 November 20236026317522209North30 kW
21 - 23 October 2023602380300 (21 Oct)1247 (23 Oct)Dual42 kW
18 October 20236023515121802South30 kW
11 September 20236019815162112South30 kW
25 August 20236018120342216North30 kW
15 August 20236017102551240South30 kW
01 August 20236015702570511Dual42 kW
01 August 20236015702070257North30 kW
27 July 20236015204301255North30 kW
22 July 20236014701440233South30 kW
22 July 20236014701200134South25 kW
21 July 20236014615311751South30 kW
14 July 20236013914441727North30 kW
07 July 20236013215071909North30 kW
26 June 20236012115052048North30 kW
20 June 20236011515481759North30 kW
31 May 20236009517281844South30 kW
09 May 20236007314341706South30 kW
19 April 20236005321522224North30 kW 
Created February 28, 2024