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Typical Operating Parameters of the NIST EBIT

Electron Beam Energy:0.095 keV to 33 keV
Electron Beam Resolution:50 eV
Electron Beam Current:up to 150 mA
Extracted Ion Beam Current:
(Xe, q=44+)
>100 nA (pulsed);
>20 pA (continuous)
Electron Beam Radius:30 µm
Trap Length:3 cm
Visible Trap Length:2 cm
Number of Ions:>300 000
Ion Density:3. × 109/cm3
Electron Density:4. × 1012/cm3
Current Density:5800 A/cm3
Vacuum:below 1. × 10-8 Pa
Created October 8, 2009, Updated August 25, 2016