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Biological Methods Subcommittee

Members of the OSAC Biological Methods Subcommittee
Members of the Biological Methods Subcommittee at the July 2019 OSAC Meeting in Orlando, Florida.

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The Biological Methods Subcommittee focuses on standards and guidelines related to molecular and biochemical methods used to analyze evidence and reference items.


Kristine Kadash, Subcommittee Chair, Jefferson County (Colorado) Regional Crime Laboratory

Susan A. Greenspoon, Ph.D., Subcommittee Vice Chair, Virginia Department of Forensic Science

Kristin Schelling, Subcommittee Executive Secretary, Michigan State Police


Brian Adams, Bode Technology

Adrienne Borges, Bode Cellmark Forensics

Jason Bundy, Florida Department of Law Enforcements (Quality Representative)

Amber Carr, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Nadja Compo, Florida International University (Human Factors Representative)

Jennifer Friedman, Federal Defender for the Central District of California (Legal Representative)

Debra Glidewell, Defense Forensic Science Center (including USACIL)

Ann Gross, Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension 

Bruce McCord, Ph.D., Florida International University

Stacy McDonald, Ph.D., Dallas County Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences

Amy McGuckian, Palm Beach County (Florida) Sheriff's Office

Robert Sean Oliver, Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory

Christopher Piwonka, Texas Department of Public Safety

Christie Smith, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Crime Laboratory

Janel M. Smith, Phoenix Police Department

Melissa Suddeth, Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Steven Weitz, U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

Elisa Wurmbach, Ph.D., Vermont Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, Department of Health

Brian Young, Niche Vision Forensics, LLC


Tier 1: On the OSAC Registry

OSAC Registry Ribbon

Tier 2: Published by an SDO

Tier 3: Sent to an SDO

Tier 4: Under Development

  • Standard for Massively Parallel Sequencing (MPS)/Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Discipline-Specific Baseline Documents

  • None currently.

Research & Development Needs


  • None currently.

In general, the development of standards and guidelines is transitioning from the Scientific Working Groups (SWGs) to the OSAC. Some SWGs will continue to operate to provide other resources within their discipline. The existing SWG documents will remain in effect until updated documents are disseminated by the OSAC or the SWG. SWGDAM will retain the responsibility for updating the FBI DNA Quality Assurance Standards.

– Forensic Science Standards Board: March 2015

Created June 27, 2014, Updated September 1, 2020