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Nanoscale Device Characterization Division Groups

Alternative Computing Group

The Alternative Computing Group develops and provides innovative measurement instrumentation supporting nanotechnology development with an emphasis on applications for future electronics.

Atom Scale Device Group

Develops, measures, understands and exploits quantum and electronic devices and sensors at the interface between atomic and nanoscale solid-state systems. Systems under study include dopant-based and nanofabricated Si devices for quantum technologies, quantum simulation, quantum sensing and charge

Nanoscale Imaging Group

The group seeks to see what has never been seen before to understand and enable advanced manufacturing of nanoscale devices and nano-functional materials.

Nanoscale Processes and Measurements Group

Develops measurements that reveal, manipulate and tune the nanoscale physical processes and properties critical to advances in sensors and electronic devices based on quantum materials and utilizing quantum variables.

Nanoscale Spectroscopy Group

Conducts basic research to advance the optical and electrical measurement science infrastructure necessary for innovation in future thin-film devices and their component materials for nanoelectronic, optoelectronic, and quantum information applications.