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Thermal Insulation Materials LAP

Robert Zaar - Hot Plate Apparatus

Thermal Insulation Assessor Needed: An assessor is needed for the NVLAP Thermal Insulation Materials LAP. Acceptable candidates must have experience working in a thermal insulation testing laboratory with knowledge of a wide range of testing methods. Experience with an ISO/IEC 17025 management system is a bonus. Assessors are contractors and will work approximately 2 weeks a year. The position requires travel in the continental US.  If interested, please contact timothy.rasinski [at] (timothy[dot]rasinski[at]nist[dot]gov).

The Thermal Insulation Materials (TIM) Program was established in 1979 at the request of three private sector thermal insulation trade associations. The purpose of the program is to accredit laboratories that produce reliable thermal insulation test data. The TIM program was the first of the NVLAP laboratory accreditation programs. For information on the requirements of accreditation, see NIST Handbook 150, which contains the general requirements for accreditation of laboratories. In addition, NIST Handbook 150-15 contains specific requirements for thermal insulation materials laboratories.

Proficiency Testing Requirements

Section 7.7.2 of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 requires a laboratory “monitor its performance by comparison with results of other laboratories, where available and appropriate.” NVLAP is not aware of any widely available interlaboratory comparison for thermal insulation testing. Laboratories may choose to organize interlaboratory comparisons among themselves, but NVLAP does not require participation in interlaboratory comparison in the thermal insulation program. If an appropriate interlaboratory comparison becomes available, NVLAP may require participation and will notify all laboratories of requirements. 

References and Information

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Created July 18, 2013, Updated May 22, 2024