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News and Updates

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Supercomputing: Probing the Future

NIST scientists have developed a novel automated probe system for evaluating the performance of computer components designed to run 100 times faster than today

Minimizing Uncertainty in Current Events

The electrical power industry – and the equipment makers and calibration laboratories that serve it – need to be able to quantify DC currents of hundreds or

1000 Calibration Reports . . . And Counting

The U.S. Internet – and indeed any communication system that sends information by fiber-optic cable – depends critically on strong, clear signals propagating

Enriched Silicon: Going for Four Nines

Any eventual quantum computer, no matter how it may be configured, will need a way to store and manipulate information in qubits – the quantum counterpart of a

Coming Soon: Tabletop Molecular Movies

One of the most urgently sought-after goals in modern science is the ability to observe the detailed dynamics of chemical reactions as they happen – that is, on

New Boulder Clean Room Open for Business

After months of construction, installation, troubleshooting, and testing, the new clean room at NIST's Precision Measurement Laboratory complex on the Boulder

The First Controllable Atom SQUID

Scientists have created the first controllable atomic circuit that functions analogously to a superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) and allows