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A list is a set of values for a motor or other device. All lists have a name and can be constructed from numeric values. For example,

List Reference Example 1

Lists Reference Example 2

When you select the “cyclic” checkbox in a list, its list of numbers will be allowed to repeat and continue cycling until a given iteration is complete. This situation typically happens when a loop contains two lists/ranges that are of uneven lengths.

Lists Reference Example 3

List Reference Example 4

If cyclic is not selected, then instead of motorB repeating its entire set of values, it will only repeat the last value in the set.

List Reference Example 5

List Reference Example 4

Additionally, the first list in a loop declares how many iterations the given loop will have. Thus, if a subsequent list is longer, then it will only iterate through as many values as the first list/range provides. The same is true for ranges (see Ranges).

List Reference Example 5

List Reference Example 6
Created December 12, 2018