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Instrument Visualization

Some instruments provide a cartoon visualization showing the position of motors and states of equipment. This is meant, primarily, to help new users understand the instrument's key geometry and how it relates to the positions/values they see in NICE. This can also be useful to diagnose a problem, by quickly seeing if any motors are not in the expected position.


Pan: Shift-Left Click and Drag

Zoom: Mouse Wheel

Zoom Box: Left Click and Drag

Rotate: CTRL-Left Click and Drag

Restore View: Left Double-Click

Menu: Right Click


Clicking on any "eye" will fly to its default view and "lock-onto" it. Some eyes are attached to equipment, and when these move, your view will go with them, if you are locked onto that eye. If you've panned/zoomed/etc. your view will still move with the eye, but maintain the relative vantage point you've setup. If you hover the mouse, over an eye, you'll see an outline of its default view.  

General Information

Every visualization is different, but they have several things in common:

1. Beam - There is a cartoon representation of the neutron beam, giving a sense of the measurement state of the instrument.

2. Status Information - Most information can be viewed by hovering over an item.


Hovering over many items will display a related motor status widget. This includes the following information:

  • Path - The range of motion of the motor based on its soft limits
  • Position - Usually indicated by a circle with a line through it
  • Limits - Shown at either end of the path. These will turn red if the soft limit is exceeded. These do NOT indicate hard limit status.
  • Target - If a motor is outside tolerance, a target icon will appear showing the desired value it was last commanded to move to
Created March 18, 2022, Updated October 17, 2022