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NICE Client Deployment System

The NICE client deployment system bundles Java with the client such that you are no longer required to install Java (and are immune to ITAC upgrades breaking your client). Periodic updates of the JVM and client versions occur, and our system automatically downloads the new versions next time you start the client. This system also updates the program which deploys the client.



  • Download the client deployer for the appropriate operating system.


  • Setup instructions:
    1. Unzip the "nice-client" folder to a convenient location.
    2. Double-click: run-nice-client.bat (Windows), run-nice-client (Linux), or run-nice-client.command (Mac). 
    3. Create a shortcut to the client on the desktop.
    4. Set the shortcut icon to the one included in the nice-client folder.


NOTE: Starting with macOS Catalina, you must also explicitly set permission for the client runner to be allowed. This can be accessed in Preferences > Security & Privacy > General after you've run the client-runner once.

Created July 14, 2019, Updated July 1, 2020