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Food Safety Postdoctoral Opportunities at NIST

In the area of food safety, the following NIST postdoctoral opportunities are available, in cooperation with the National Academies/National Research Council:

50.64.61.C0054 Advances in High Resolution Mass Spectrometry
50.64.61.C0235 Metabolomics for Human Health, Food Quality and Safety, and Forensic Science
50.64.51.B8453 Characterization of Protein-based Allergens
50.64.61.B1711 Novel Analytical Separation Science Methodology
50.64.61.B6909 Chemical Metrology of Dietary Supplements
50.64.41.B8352 Rapid Pathogen Detection
50.64.41.B8374 Microbiome Measurement Science and Standards
50.64.61.B1712 Separation Science Techniques for Trace Organic Analysis
50.64.61.B4794 Analytical Methods Development for the Determination of Anthropogenic Contaminants in the Marine Environment
50.64.61.B5547 Research in Elemental Speciation of Clinical and Biological Systems
50.64.41.B7859 Stable Isotope Metrology for Environmental and Forensics Research

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Created February 19, 2020, Updated June 2, 2021