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NIST NRC Postdoctoral Research Associateships Program


Infographic showing details about NIST NRC Postdoc program: 2,048 postdocs since 1955; 33% of postdocs from 1990-2013 became NIST employees; 68% of NIST PECASE Award winners were NRC postdocs. Currently there are approximately 100 postdocs at NIST
Credit: N. Hanacek/NIST

The NIST NRC Postdoctoral Program supports a nationwide competitive postdoctoral program administered in cooperation with the National Academies/National Research Council (NRC). The postdoctoral program brings research scientists and engineers of unusual promise and ability to perform advanced research related to the NIST mission, introduces the latest university research results and techniques to NIST scientific programs, strengthens mutual communication with university researchers, shares NIST unique research facilities with the U.S. scientific and engineering communities, and provides a valuable mechanism for the transfer of research results from NIST to the scientific and engineering communities.

Detailed information on procedures and all necessary application materials and supporting documents are available from the NRC Research Associateship Program which also includes NIST-specific information on the program.  An online NIST NRC brochure provides a program review.

For the most current list of opportunities, please refer to the NRC website page for the NIST NRC Postdoctoral Research program.  

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Quick Facts:

  • The program provides for Federal excepted service appointments for outstanding scientists and engineers, of a maximum of 2 year duration.

  • Awardees must hold U.S. citizenship, and have held the Ph.D. less than five years at time of application

  • Awardees are chosen through a national competition administered by the National Research Council of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine.

  • Research opportunities include those in chemistry, physics, materials science, mathematics, computer sciences, and engineering.

  • Current stipend is $74,950 per year.

  • There are two competitions per year, with application deadlines of February 1 and August 1.  Start dates for the positions are June through December and January to June, respectively

  • Please note that all male applicants born after December 31, 1959 must have registered with the Selective Service System or hold an exemption.

For additional information on this program, please contact nistnrcpostdoc [at]

Created June 26, 2009, Updated January 10, 2023