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Chief of Staff

The Chief of Staff provides support to the NIST Director in administering the policies, programs, and operations of the Institute.

The Chief of Staff also:

  • Assists the Director in increasing external awareness, appreciation of, support for, and use of the Institute’s research and services
  • Facilitates top-level decision-making and improved internal communications
  • Coordinates actions required of the Institute as a result of executive policy decisions and actions and serves as the Director’s representative with the Department and other Federal agencies with broad authority to commit the Institute to specific courses of action
  • Provides managerial oversight and support for congressional and legislative affairs, legal services, strategic planning, program and policy analysis, strategic partnering, and evaluation services; as well as all public and business affairs matters.

Chief of Staff

Kevin Kimball Portrait

As the Chief of Staff, Kevin Kimball provides strategic guidance and advice to NIST to help it accomplish its mission by maximizing budgetary resources, expanding partnerships, and improving operations.

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