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FAQs – NIST SHIP Program

A: Summer High School Internship Program

A: The SHIP program is for students, US citizen Only,  in their Junior and Senior year of high school. You can still participate in the program if you have just graduated High School and have NOT started college yet.

A: No, only Juniors and seniors in High School or just graduated high school and have NOT started college.

The SHIP program is 8 weeks long and held during the summer months of June to August.

A: The SHIP program is only held in the summer months of June to August.

A: The NIST SHIP Application is available on the

A: The SHIP is conducted at the Boulder, Co and Gaithersburg, MD NIST Campuses.

A: No, the SHIP program is an unpaid internship and students must have housing and transportation setup in order to participate at either locations- Boulder, CO or the Gaithersburg, MD.

A: The SHIP application is available annually from November 1st to the second week of February of the new year.

A: Please visit the SHIP program using the link below or by sending you inquiries to ship [at] (ship[at]nist[dot]gov)

A: Currently, the NIST SHIP program is an unpaid internship program. We are currently working on providing a stipend to the SHIP students’ participants and announcement will be made once approval have been obtained from upper management.

A: You must list two (2) recommenders, One (1) STEM Teacher and One (1) professional

A: Professional recommendations speak to your specific performance on the job and should be from current or former employers. Supervisory contacts as well as co-workers can provide professional recommendations. Be certain that your contact list includes individuals that can speak directly about your experience.

A: Ask a trusted adult who is not your family member. This could be a teacher, a coach, a mentor, someone from your faith community, a boss, someone who you have volunteered with, etc. Pro Tip: Ask someone who has known you for a long time or who has seen you work hard at school, a job, or an extra-curricular activity.

A: recommendations are due two weeks from the date it is initiated.

A:  All changes to a recommendation must be changed and received three weeks prior to the closing of the SHIP application. For SHIP 2024, all recommendation changes must be received by January 19, 2024. Once the Application is Closed, no changes can be made to the application. Before the application closes, a student can access their SHIP application on USA Jobs to change and submit documents and recommendation. Students can also send recommendation changes to ship [at] (ship[at]nist[dot]gov)  to include all the information (name, email, recommendation type, institution) of the person to remove and/or new recommendation teacher or professional.

For SHIP 2024, All applicants will receive status of their application between February 26 - 29

All SHIP recommendations request will come from noreply [at] (noreply[at]monster[dot]com)

The email will states exactly when the recommendations are due. Please have reference check their spam or junk email. If the recommendation is not received by the due date, students can change request to from a new person, professional and STEM, if request is received to ship [at] (ship[at]nist[dot]gov) three weeks before closing of application.

Acceptance letters/email will be sent between March 01 to April 01, 2024. Decline letters/emails will be sent between April 08 -12, 2024.

Created January 16, 2024, Updated February 14, 2024