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Organic Chemical Metrology Group

The Organic Chemical Metrology Group is responsible for developing, critically evaluating, and applying liquid chromatographic, gas chromatographic, spectroscopic and mass spectrometric techniques for the confident identification and measurement of organic species in a variety of matrices.


Organic Chemical Measurement Science Group

The group designs, produces and maintains an extensive portfolio of Standard Reference Materials and data products, primary standards, and Quality Assurance programs for organic species in clinical, nutritional assessment and metabolomics, food safety and nutrition, dietary supplement and natural products, chemical manufacturing, and forensics program areas. The group provides advice and measurement services to other government agencies, scientific organizations, and US industry; and engages with international standards organizations and other National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) to establish comparability of measurement capabilities.

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NIST Chemist Katrice Lippa on NIST SRMs

graphic illustrating the equivalence of certified reference materials from around the world
Credit: C. Burdette/NIST

Linking the World Through Chemical Measurements

Reference Materials Lab Certification


Reference Materials and Lab Certifications Resolve Industry-wide Challenges

M. Phillips, Food Safety Education Month

Food Safety Education Month



Group Strat Award

Christina Jones, Benjamin Place and Aaron Urbas, together with CSD colleagues Regina Easley, Jason Waters, Laura Wood, Lee Yu, David Sheen and Werickson Rocha, received the 2019 MML Strategic Partnership Award for the establishment of a multidisciplinary team to conduct metrology research at NIST as part of the European Erasmus Mundus Joint Master in Quality in Analytical Laboratories (EMQAL) program.


PS1 group

Michael Nelson and Katrice Lippa, together with NIST colleagues Brian Lang, Jason Waters and Blaza Toman, received the Cooperation on International Traceability in Analytical Chemistry (CITAC) Best Paper Award for 2018 for their work on “A New Realization of SI for Organic Chemical Measurement: NIST PS1 Primary Standard for Quantitative NMR (Benzoic Acid)”. 





Analytical Science Leaders Honored at AOAC INTERNATIONAL Annual Meeting



Simulated Chromatographic Data

The following information is provided as an aid in the validation of mathematical models used in quantitation with chromatographic data. This data may also be


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