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Technology Driven Market Intelligence

Technology Driven Market Intelligence (TDMI) provides a systematic and comprehensive approach to identifying the benefits and the market impacts related to your company’s technology-based asset (idea, product, process, capability) and provides the customized, actionable intelligence you need.

TDMI directly considers the technical and market viability of your asset and characterizes the associated opportunities and barriers. Through a structured process of desk research and expert interviews, TDMI provides intelligence such as:

  • Identifying and characterizing the markets, trends, value chains, competition and companies of most interest and relevance to your business
  • Detailing prevailing technical performance and user requirements and assessing how well your asset meets or could meet those requirements
  • Describing your best options for moving forward with development, partnering and market entry
  • Filling in other key knowledge gaps your company may have surrounding regulatory, intellectual property or competitiveness issues

This combined market and technical opportunity assessment provides the intelligence you need to make accurate and confident decisions for new technology-driven products and markets.

The program should help us expand and diversify our business. In addition to validating several sectors where we thought we could diversify, the TDMI confirmed other sectors had very low/no potential for growth, allowing us to avoid wasting time and resources where there was low likelihood of success.  

—David Tohn, CEO, BTS Software Solutions
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Heroes of American Manufacturing: Silverside Detectors
Heroes of American Manufacturing: Silverside Detectors
Silverside Detectors, a client of MassMEP (the MEP Center in Massachusetts and part of the MEP National Network), are a team of physicists, engineers, and entrepreneurs committed to reducing the threat of nuclear terrorism. They develop nuclear radiation detection technology to protect cities and citizens from nuclear terrorism.


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Created June 4, 2020, Updated June 22, 2020