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MEP National Network Success Stories

The MEP National NetworkTM has over 1,200 success stories representing our work with U.S. manufacturers. Find out how MEP Centers in your area have helped thousands of manufacturers improve operations, increase profits, create or maintain jobs, and establish a foundation for long-term business growth and productivity. Centers tailor services to meet critical needs, ranging from process improvement and workforce development to specialized business practices, including supply chain integration, innovation, and technology transfer.

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Client Name Title Report Year Sort ascending Center State Congressional District
Sound Building Supply, Inc. Construction Products Manufacturer Enhances Performance by Applying Lean Thinking and Continuous Improvement Practices 2022 Impact Washington Washington 9
Wilcox Farms, Inc. Multi-Generational Family Farm Benefits from Long-Term Relationship to Support Sustainable Business Practices 2022 Impact Washington Washington 8, 9, 10
Zev Technologies Lean Transformation Helps Performance Component Manufacturer Reinforce Its Best-in-Class Commitment to Customers 2022 Impact Washington Washington 3
Harmony Fresh Seafoods Consultant and Training Opportunities Help Seafood Startup Company Safely Find Its Way to Retail Stores 2022 Impact Washington Washington 2
Analog Devices Inc (Formerly Linear Technology) Investments in Continuous Improvement Prove to Be Critical to Meeting Future Manufacturing Requirements 2021 Impact Washington Washington 3
Seeking Kombucha Popular Farmer's Market Kombucha Company Finds Growth In the Middle of the Pandemic 2021 Impact Washington Washington 7, 9
PYI, Inc. Business Assessment Provides Clarity to PYI, Inc., on Organizational Priorities During Unprecedented Time 2021 Impact Washington Washington 1, 2
Cutting Edge Meat Customized Safety Management System Helps Food Distributor Protect Both Workers and Equipment During Sizable Expansions 2021 Impact Washington Washington 6, 9, 10
Twintec, Inc Lean Training Boosts Twintec Inc. Sales to Double Digits 2020 Impact Washington Washington 4, 5
Founder's Choice, Inc. Founder’s Choice Cabinetry Utilizes Lean Enterprise Techniques and Framework To Achieve Award-Winning Reductions in Environmental Wastes, Emission, and Costs 2020 Impact Washington Washington 6, 9, 10
Plumb Signs Plumb Signs Uses Cloud-Based System and Impact Washington Resources to Keep Employees Safe 2020 Impact Washington Washington 6, 10
Sytech Sytech Embraces Lean to Nearly Triple Sales Growth 2020 Impact Washington Washington 5
Crunch Pak, LLC Crunch Pak Thrives by Focusing on Continuous Improvement 2019 Impact Washington Washington 4, 8
Analog Devices Inc (Formerly Linear Technology) Analog Devices, Inc. Boosts Productivity to Double-Digit Highs Through Continuous Training 2019 Impact Washington Washington 3
Healthy Pet Healthy Pet’s Lean Culture Keeps Them Ahead of the Competition 2019 Impact Washington Washington 1, 2
Scratch and Peck Feeds Leveraging Lean principles to increase efficiency and reduce costs 2019 Impact Washington Washington 1, 2
Crunch Pak, LLC Freshening Up on Food Safety Training 2018 Impact Washington Washington 4, 8
Armstrong Marine USA Inc. Marine Welding Training Program Grows Skilled Workforce 2018 Impact Washington Washington 6
Mid-Mountain Materials Lean Transformation at Mid-Mountain Materials 2018 Impact Washington Washington 1, 2
Mantec Services Inc. Impact Washington Helps Small Manufacturer Maintain ISO Certification 2018 Impact Washington Washington 7
Displaying 1 - 20 of 20