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Impact Washington

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Impact Washington is a not-for-profit organization that helps Washington manufacturers and manufacturing compete globally. We help you thrive through expert consulting, training programs, educational and industry events and resources that will increase your profits, develop your people, help you be more sustainable, and build your business. The professionals at Impact Washington provide affordable assistance to improve your company’s productivity, efficiency and competitiveness through technology, techniques, and best practices. We understand the challenges manufacturing businesses face and can help you make the changes that make the difference between surviving and thriving.

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Success Stories

Sytech Embraces Lean to Nearly Triple Sales Growth

Report Year
Sytech was successful securing work, but lacked the necessary speed of production and delivery due to what they attributed to an ongoing capacity challenge within their plant. Unable to take on new sales opportunities (several million dollars-worth passed over the prior year), they struggled to stay on-time with current customers. They believed

Analog Devices, Inc. Boosts Productivity to Double-Digit Highs Through Continuous Training

Report Year
After eight years of training, which included Kaizen events, TWI, and LECP training, Analog Devices, Inc., continued to incorporate more complex processes than ever before in an on-going attempt to improve cycle time and yield of product. Despite this, the company continued to experience some unpredictable results and sought more stability in those

Healthy Pet’s Lean Culture Keeps Them Ahead of the Competition

Report Year
The client’s initial contact with Impact Washington occurred in 2017, after an employee attended a Toyota Kata event. As a smaller company, Healthy Pet® didn’t have experience in Lean training concepts. Recognizing that an improved processing system would help them support their continuous growth and improvement in manufacturing operations, the

"Our team met IW when Steve Winters was presenting at a CAMPS meeting. Afterwards, Steve and I discussed Lean Manufacturing and the results it can bring an organization. I believed him and thought my challenge would be to get others to “buy in” and follow-through on doing the work. To my pleasant surprise, my team was already plotting to propose to me that we should hire Impact Washington!"

—John Knapp, CEO

Created March 18, 2019, Updated June 2, 2020