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Business Assessment Provides Clarity to PYI, Inc., on Organizational Priorities During Unprecedented Time

With the help of: Impact Washington


PYI, Inc., of Lynnwood, Washington, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality marine, boat, yacht, and ship equipment.  Established in 1981 and still under the same ownership today, PYI has never forgotten that the company cannot exist without its solid customer base. With that in mind, they quickly respond to customer's ideas and needs and prioritize quality, innovative marine equipment with unsurpassed customer service and satisfaction levels.

The Challenge

PYI, Inc. approached Impact Washington, part of the MEP National Network™, asking for helping in overcoming challenges due to COVID-19. The most significant problem was a projected reduction in sales because of their inability to reach customers through their primary method, tradeshows.

The marketing aspect of PYI, Inc., has always been a challenge. PYI suffers from inexperience in the latest marketing techniques as we do not have a dedicated resource for this function. It is very much a team effort. Impact Washington was brought in to help educate and train employees who participate in this function into a new marketing direction. As a small company, I would suggest to those seeking help from Impact Washington to be prepared to open your mind to new and innovative ideas. It is not easy to retrain a team from their previous practices in a short period. Get involved on day one with your consultant and push hard to challenge yourself and the team to do bigger and better things. Getting the team to move beyond the confines of how they currently think and execute projects will help the organization achieve your goals.
— Kevin Woody, Vice President

MEP's Role

Impact Washington facilitated a business assessment with PYI to help align the leadership team and clarify organization priorities about recovering from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Working together, Impact Washington and PYI agreed upon a project plan to prioritize their anticipated lack of sales via traditional methods and mitigate implications of revenue loss throughout the organization.

With no formal marketing leader PYI asked Impact Washington to scope a project to help them utilize their earmarked "in-person" budget. Historically, PYI relied heavily on in-person trade shows to drive sales, raise brand awareness, provide product education and showcase new offerings. Due to cancellations of most in-person events, the company needed an updated marketing strategy that helped shift from making connections in-person to online by enhancing and or learning how and where to make valuable connections on other marketing platforms.

Collaboratively, the team updated planning tools, content creation activity and, communication cadence. They also improved their monthly newsletter, deployed dynamic Facebook ads, and developed formal partnerships with influencers. The company held collaborative meetings where team members were given tools to improve efficiency and connectively among individuals and departments. The outcome was targetable and personalized interactions that helped lead to a successful rebound from the lack of in-person events.

Created October 22, 2021