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Manufacturing Internship Program - Inspiring the Next Generation of Manufacturing Workers

With the help of: Maryland MEP


The Strouse Corporation is a small business in Westminster, Maryland, specializing in the design, development and manufacturing of custom adhesive solutions. The organization is committed to the long-term growth of the business through strategic investment in sophisticated technology and creative, skilled employees that provide solutions to enable customer growth in global markets. 

The Challenge

Strouse, like many manufacturers continues to look for new and innovative ways to ehance, improve and increase their workforce. In the summer of 2021, Strouse participated in Maryland MEP’s manufacturing internship program. The internship program is designed to support Maryland manufacturers with the cost of hiring, onboarding and training interns. Maryland MEP, part of the MEP National Network™, designed the program to cultivate the next generation of manufacturing talent by showcasing manufacturing as a great and stable career choice upon graduation.  
This summer our intern helped Strouse grow and train our workforce. His HR knowledge, ideas, feedback, and willingness to learn enhanced Strouse’s recruiting and training strategies. He earned a full-time position, as the recruitment and training specialist at Strouse through his exceptional performance, none of which would have been possible without the Maryland MEP internship program.
— Christine Calleri, HR Manager

MEP's Role

As part of the 2021 internship program, Strouse hired a human resource intern to support the HR department with recruitment, retention, onboarding, training, research development, and engagement for new and current team members. Throughout the internship tenure, the intern developed an applicant tracking system, conducted phone screens, reference checks and interviews, developed onboarding training plans for new team members and worked with production supervisors in created structured machine operator training development documents. The intern was successful in hiring eight new employees and coordinated their onboarding and training. Due to the success and hard work of the intern, Strouse was able to offer them a full-time position as the recruitment and training specialist.
Created August 4, 2022