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The Maryland Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MD MEP) is a non-profit organization funded by industry and the State of Maryland that is focused on growing and strengthening Maryland manufacturers. Serving mostly small- and mid-size manufacturers (500 employees or less) across all industries, MD MEP provides an array of programs and services to help these local companies operate more efficiently, grow profitability and create more jobs and opportunities in Maryland.

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Success Stories

Maryland Supplier Connectivity Forum

Reported Year
Textron Systems was looking for opportunities to diversify its supplier base and mitigate risks by connecting with local Maryland-based manufacturers in response to the ongoing disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic. By localizing its supplier base Textron Systems hoped to decrease lead times and establish stronger relationships with suppliers to

Optimizing Facility Space and Material Flow to Support Future Growth

Reported Year
Supply chain disruptions and an increase in sales forced Fuchs to increase the amount of inventory and materials they have on hand, leaving warehouse capacity at Fuchs’ Hampstead facility at >95%. Not only did this cause Fuchs to quickly run out of space, but this also uncovered opportunities to improve the efficiency of the processes surrounding

Lonza-Walkersville Improving Workforce Through Internships

Reported Year
Lonza Walkersville, like many manufacturers, continues to look for new and innovative ways to enhance, improve and increase their workforce. In the summer of 2023, Lonza Walkersville participated in Maryland MEP’s Manufacturing Internship Program, funded in partnership with the Maryland Department of Labor's EARN Maryland Program as a way to train
Created March 18, 2019, Updated February 16, 2024