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TMAC Provides A&M Mattress Company With Soft Landing

With the help of: TMAC


With over $10 million in annual revenue, A&M Mattress produces sofas and mattresses for over 100 retailers and furniture companies throughout the Gulf Coast region.

The Challenge

As his father’s son, running the family business is in Artemio Muniz’s blood. While building a company came naturally to him, it was rebuilding that took some getting used to. Specifically, it required an unprecedented disaster like 2017’s Hurricane Harvey to show what A&M Mattress was made of. With 80% of their facility flooded by over 3 feet of water, operations had to be closed for three weeks.

During times of disaster and need of quick business recovery, it was essential to have professional guidance and support. TMAC Gulf Coast provided us with an objective and exhaustive current state assessment that enabled us to see where changes were needed the most and act quickly to the changing environment and demand. We are so appreciative of TMAC-GC for being a trusted, reliable and competent partner and for supporting us, and guiding us, in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.
— Daniel Stephan Cortes, Industrial & Systems Engineer

MEP's Role

With a tall order in front of them, A&M Mattress seemed alone in facing the arduous task ahead. But not for long!

Shortly after recovery efforts were underway, TMAC specialists arrived to assist in a speedy resumption of operations. TMAC, part of the MEP National Network™, also provided support afterward to help assure that previous efforts remained effective. Once the status quo was restored, TMAC assessed and provided valuable direction to build on A&M’s prior efforts. Based on this, a program for employee training and implementing lean processes was born.

In addition, a complete organizational assessment was conducted to address the challenges associated with generational business transition and a rapidly changing retail landscape. TMAC’s deliverables outlined a roadmap to provide focus and prioritize future actions.

Created June 2, 2020, Updated July 12, 2021