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ISO Certification– A Strategy for Market Growth

With the help of: Maryland MEP


AL-TECH Associates, Inc. is a small, woman-owned business in Columbia, Maryland,that manufactures, assembles and distributes custom cable and wire harnesses, electronics and custom box builds. The AL-TECH team specializes in solving complex problems like flight hardware, communications and security. 

The Challenge

As an organization, AL-Tech has a heavy reliance on defense contract work (as a prime and as a subcontractor). With the recent addition of a new production facility, the organization was looking to grow and expand into new markets through the development of new customers and products. A key challenge into servicing these markets was obtaining an ISO-9001 certification for the new facility. Preparing for, training and certifying the organization to the ISO-9001 standard can be costly and time consuming for companies and require outside resources and assistance. 

It has been a pleasure to work with MD MEP. They have been supportive, encouraging and a source of guidance throughout the journey to diversify.

— Matt Ash, CEO

MEP's Role

To support AL-TECH’s efforts, the MD MEP team worked closely with the AL-TECH leadership to develop an approach to identify and apply for fiscal assistance to offset the cost of preparation for the ISO-9001 certification process as well as identifying training needs for the organization that would support the certification process but more importantly improve quality and production and provide increased capacity to serve new markets. 


MD MEP, part of the MEP National Network™, also helped AL-TECH apply for and receive assistance funding through two programs offered by the State of Maryland, the Maryland Defense Diversification Assistance Program (MDDA) and the Partnership for Workforce Quality (PWQ). These funds have enabled AL-TECH to implement the necessary controls and training to achieve ISO-9001 certification and begin servicing new market and customers.


Throughout this process, MD MEP provided strategic planning, assistance and support in certification needs as well as training support and planning. MD MEP helped AL-TECH create a strategic plan that included clear direction of how to expand into new business verticals, including the aerospace community and how to leverage the ISO certification for new business opportunities.

Created June 2, 2020, Updated July 12, 2021