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Hampton Roads Company Expands as Part of GENEDGE Business Growth Strategy

With the help of: GENEDGE


Pancopia, Inc., was founded in 2014 in Hampton, Virginia. Pancopia is a private award-winning research and development company, specializing in environmental and energy engineering. In the recent past, Pancopia has won several large environmental services contracts with NASA and the US Navy. Pancopia has decades of experience providing sustainable environmental and energy solutions throughout the Commonwealth, nationwide and worldwide. 

The Challenge

The company's primary focus has been on R&D and consulting services, but leadership hoped to find new and better ways to meet society’s environment and energy needs. Most recently, Pancopia conducted applied research in an innovative solution in wastewater treatment as a possible growth opportunity. This discovery could significantly reduce the cost and increase the effectiveness of wastewater treatment for small to mid-sized municipal facilities and livestock feedlots.
GENEDGE was a great experience for our company and very, very helpful. They were excellent guides and facilitators that helped us focus on prioritizing the elements needed to be successful and grow. Our company was a bit different than the usual companies [very young, very small high tech], but they were able to adapt their tools to provide great insight on the project.
— Bill Cumbie, CEO & Founder

MEP's Role

GENEDGE, part of the MEP National Network™, with support from the Reinvent Hampton Roads “Scale-Up” program, introduced Pancopia to their Business Growth Accelerator approach. GENEDGE Business Growth helps companies plan strategically for accelerated product, service, market and operational initiatives and profitable growth opportunities. A customized path forward begins with a CoreValue® organizational assessment. This is followed by facilitated workshops with company leaders via the GENEDGE strategic growth planning process and tools.

Pancopia leaders completed the assessment, then committed to the 16-week Business Growth Accelerator process, facilitated by GENEDGE. By the end of this process, Pancopia leaders had defined the strategy and tactics needed to enable their company to grow into a commercially successful research, consulting and wastewater solutions business.

Created June 2, 2020, Updated July 16, 2022