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GENEDGE is Virginia’s best public resource to help manufacturing and industry innovate, compete, and grow. We deliver consulting based expertise and technology transfer to over 200 companies each year. Our team helps clients expand, diversify, improve top & bottom line results, create jobs and sustain employment. 

GENEDGE is part of the MEP National Network™, which provides access to industry-wide services and proven, results-based solutions. GENEDGE affiliates include the Manufacturing Technology Center (MTC) in Wytheville, VA and a premier network of over 50 partners and service providers. For more information please visit

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Success Stories


Report Year
The company's primary focus has been on R&D and consulting services, but leadership hoped to find new and better ways to meet society’s environment and energy needs. Most recently, Pancopia conducted applied research in an innovative solution in wastewater treatment as a possible growth opportunity. This discovery could significantly reduce the

Southwest Virginia Metal Fabricator Explores New Markets Beyond Coal Industry

Report Year
For nearly half a century, LBI’s primary customer had been the coal industry producing mine battery trays and other fabrications. With the industry’s downturn, company management sought outside assistance to diversify into new markets to remain competitive. LBI was well into their growth journey for ten years before being introduced to GENEDGE

Rural Defense Manufacturer Zeroes in on Future Business Model Opportunities

Report Year
Many Virginia companies in rural regions, micropolitan areas, and small metropolitan areas have struggled to maintain or diversify their businesses away from federal contracting, especially in the Department of Defense (DOD) supply chain sector. Dynovis is an example of one company in need of expanded investments to help sustain its current DOD

"In August 2017, RADVA set a new monthly production record of 86 mold changes. This would not have been achievable if we had not revamped our entire mold change process with GENEDGE’s assistance along with the assigned Virginia Tech ISE Senior Design Team."

—Jeremiah Spence, Safety/Operations Manager

Created March 18, 2019, Updated June 2, 2020