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Strategic Growth through New Products and Channels


Since 1974, Pacer Pumps has been an industry leader in manufacturing self-priming centrifugal pumps from tough thermoplastics for handling all types of liquids. Pacer Pumps is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and has 20 employees. The products are used worldwide in the industrial, agricultural, aquaculture, marine and farm and home sectors.

The Challenge

Pacer Pumps experienced a gradual but consistent decline in sales over several years. Looking to reverse the trend, the company first engaged with MANTEC, a NIST PA MEP regional office, in 2011 on a Business Transformation plan. Achieving higher sales revenues required a focused plan on capturing new business opportunities.
MANTEC’s strategic growth resources were integral to increasing Pacer Pumps market penetration.  Pacer Pumps has created new products and revenue streams and identified more progressive ways to get products in the hands of consumers.
— Kent Zollner, General Manager

MEP's Role

Pacer Pumps leadership wanted to form a strategy, create new products, and create new revenue streams. MANTEC’s strategy specialist helped set a plan to increase sales with existing non-defense customers as well as create on online marketplace.Sales of a new product offering exceeded all expectation in its first few months of release in 2018.


MANTEC introduced a Qualified Solutions Provider to implement an inbound lead and market penetration strategy as well as an Amazon Store. The Amazon Store provides exposure of products and services to new residential and top commercial customers. The online marketplace increased sales, reduced staff time and cost of sales to increase profits. It is a perfect supplement to the growth plan.

Created June 2, 2020, Updated July 12, 2021