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Steel Stair Manufacturer Raises Performance Through Value Stream Mapping


Founded in 1919 and headquartered in Dunmore, Pennsylvania, McGregor operates a niche specialty business. The company fabricates and installs a variety of metal components for buildings, artistic projects, and anything requiring the cutting, bending, welding, and finishing of metal. Their work typically includes stairways, railings, and other miscellaneous metal work not associated to the structural steel component of a building. Most recently, McGregor has done notable work in the fabrication and installation of tower stairs for residential and office buildings in urban areas. Some of their most notable steel railway and stairs installations include new buildings at the University of Scranton, Penn State, the Mohegan Sun Arena and Hotel and the Allentown Arena. They've also done fabrication and installation work for the Hershey Arena, Williamsport Hospital and Lehigh Carbon Baseball Stadium.

The Challenge

McGregor Industries is experiencing outstanding growth- so much so that they appeared to be outgrowing their current manufacturing and fabrication facility. Moving to a new location seemed to be a daunting task that would significantly disrupt their already-tight production schedule and likely prevent them from taking on new work for the duration of their move. Similarly, adding to their current facility would likely negatively impact their on-time-delivery commitments. McGregor retained NEPIRC to evaluate ways in which they could better utilize and optimize the footprint of their existing facility to perhaps gain more throughput. NEPIRC proposed a Value Stream Mapping and Implementation engagement as a way for the company to gain a better understanding of hidden wastes within the current layout and potentially improve efficiencies. 

We had a phenomenal experience with NEPIRC! Their services have been critical to our continued success! 
— Grace McGregor Kramer, Director of Strategy & Operations

MEP's Role

NEPIRC worked with client personnel to develop a current Value Stream Map for their most popular product and stair configurations as well as a desired future-state Value Stream Map and related implementation workplan. The workplan was constrained by the requirements that work could not be disrupted during any floor reconfigurations and that on-time delivery could NOT be negatively impacted. NEPIRC then worked with the teams at McGregor to implement the plan across multiple shifts and as workload allowed - essentially reconfiguring the floor on-the-fly as work was occurring at stations all around those being moved! In the end, McGregor completely revamped their shop floor according to the future-state VSM and realized significant increases in throughput! 
Created June 2, 2020, Updated July 12, 2021