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Small Manufacture Move to the E-Commerce realm

With the help of: Manufacturing Works


Skull Bracket LLC manufactures steel brackets used to hang hunting trophy skulls in Laramie, Wyoming, with two employees. Skull Bracket was created in 2011 to offer an American-made, stronger system for hanging mule deer, elk, antelope, buffalo, moose, whitetail, bear, and other skulls. The company also offers custom work including hangers for bighorn sheep, shed holders, and even a shed Christmas tree frame.

The Challenge

Skull Bracket needed to expand sales online, and to do that they needed to create marketing materials, which are a requirement for applications to online retailers.  Manufacturing-Works, part of the MEP National Network™, was there to help at each stage, from selecting retailers for Skull Bracket's applications to assisting with the creation of marketing materials to filling out the applications.

At this time neither of the brick and mortar retailers have decided to carry Skull Bracket products but online sales are growing on  With Walmart challenging Amazon for online sales we expect to see fast growth for sales on as we get into the fall season.  The experience APM Josh at  MW had with Walmart really helped expand our online sales.  The brochures have worked great as all of our dealers keep them handy for customers and they work great for trade shows.  

— Rowdy Yeatts, CEO/Founder

MEP's Role

Manufacturing-Works began with a list of possibilities and then narrowed it down to the best match Skull Bracket's needs and customer base. Walmart, Elk Bomb and Murdoch's were recommended as the best fits for Skull Bracket's market and customer base, particularly the sales opportunities available via Walmart's website and the company's global reach. Online applications were filled out for Murdoch's and, and samples and brochures, included a new layout and tri-fold brochure, that Manufacturing-Works helped create were sent to Elk Bomb and included in the applications. (These materials are also useful for potential dealer and trade shows.)

Next, Skull Bracket also needed help to navigate the online system for set-up and shipping with Walmart, as retailers maintain their own processes and requirements. Joshua Watson, account and project manager for Manufacturing-Works, used to be a Walmart store manager and was able to help Skull Bracket navigate their systems and make contacts, allowing Skull Bracket to enter the e-commerce market and tap into a retailer that is global. Listings were created on the Walmart website, and Skull Bracket is seeing a growth in sales.

Created June 2, 2020, Updated July 12, 2021