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For more than 20 years Manufacturing Works has been delivering training, experience, and solutions for creating value. With our partners we’re here to help Wyoming businesses to grow to their full potential. We provide broad technical assistance, engineering solutions, general business assistance, marketing assistance, and financial counseling. We are committed to helping businesses by delivering solutions for creating wealth and, in conjunction with others, we can deliver complete solutions for companies. Manufacturing Works is a not-for-profit organization with professionals positioned throughout Wyoming, with current offices located in Laramie, Casper, Cheyenne, Sheridan, and Afton. Manufacturing Works’ mission is to assist Wyoming manufacturers, producers and entrepreneurs, in growing their revenues, increasing their productivity and performance, and strengthening their global competitiveness. We are Wyoming’s most trusted resource for manufacturers.

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Success Stories

Phorge Makerspace: Striving to do More

Reported Year
When starting a makerspace, many different interests need to be met to create an environment that will draw potential members. Some of these capabilities could include; 3D printing, fabrication, woodworking, various small scale metal and wood lasers, software packages for creators, etc. With each of these, equipment costs can add up quickly and

Pucker Facture Precision – Growing a startup

Reported Year
The first few years of a startup tend to be the most crucial for survival. Even with innovative new technology, establishing a client base, let alone a repeat client base, in the first few years can be very hard, and is critical to success. In 2018, Pucker Factor began receiving orders and business started to grow, but to everyone’s surprise, 2020

Straight Jacket Armory – Growing a startup

Reported Year
The first few years of a start-up business are the most crucial to survival. Even with innovative new technology, establishing a repeat customer base can be very difficult. In 2018, Straight Jacket Armory began finding customers willing to make orders, mostly on personal relationships, which then began to snowball into a bigger and bigger customer
Created March 18, 2019, Updated April 28, 2022