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Come See What's Brewing at Klatch Coffee Inc!


For the past 25 years, Klatch Coffee has been roasting and serving award-winning coffee. Based in Los Angeles, this family business started out with one retail store and has evolved into a global wholesale roaster and retailer, with its coffee served daily on three continents. Klatch Coffee imports coffee from coffee growers around the world and, once the beans arrive in the U.S., they are classified, roasted, mixed with flavors, packed, and delivered to customers. In addition, Coffee Klatch now operates seven coffee shops in Southern California plus a roastery/training lab.

The Challenge

Klatch Coffee re-branded the company in 2007 and has more recently recognized the need to increase retail sales and improve the effectiveness of its online marketing presence. The company needed a structured strategic marketing plan to attract new customers and increase online and retail sales. After completing the CMTC's CMA Marketing for Growth program, Klatch Coffee owner, Michael Perry realized that the company needed to update its website to attract more customers and increase online sales. In order to accomplish this, CMTC proposed an approach and solution and assisted the company qualify for and leverage San Bernardino Workforce Development Board funding.

I am very appreciative of the help from CMTC. Without their help we would not have been able to update our sales and marketing. I am a strong advocate for and would highly recommend CMTC to others in need of support.
— Michael Perry, Owner

MEP's Role

In April 2018, Klatch Coffee partnered with CMTC to analyze and develop programs to spur online and retail sales. A social media solution was proposed to attract new customers and retain existing clients. An e-commerce platform was implemented to update the look, feel and usability of the Klatch Coffee website. The implementation and launch of the new website provided Klatch Coffee the opportunity to have one unified platform to run its online business, offer a customized online store, manage products and inventory, and fulfill online orders and subscriptions.

In addition, through the use of the new e-commerce platform, Klatch Coffee management was now able to track sales, analyze growth trends and improve the use of subscription orders. The plan also worked to: improve website search engine optimization (SEO); build social media awareness; create a list of 5,000 - 10,000 potential new subscription customers and conduct outreach and messaging to this list; and develop and implement three targeted emails to drive business to the website.

Created June 2, 2020, Updated January 26, 2024