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Amerityre Success Story

With the help of: Manufacture Nevada


All of Amerityre tires are manufactured in the USA at their facility in Boulder City. Only Amerityre provides a true closed cell, polyurethane foam formulation for flat free tires, and their patented manufacturing process and proprietary formulations produced using high quality materials provide a consistent final product.  Amerityre tires are also the ultimate “Green” product. Their formulations contain no toxic materials and require less energy to produce than rubber tires. Their finished tires emit none of the noxious fumes commonly found with tires manufactured by its competitors.

The Challenge

Management at Amerityre realized that lighting throughout their production facility and office area was in need of improvement. There was also a desire to reduce energy consumption as well.
NVIE has helped us significantly with this project and we’re very satisfied with the results. We’re also pleased with improved visual acuity in our production area and we look forward to continued energy savings.
— Mike Sullivan, CEO

MEP's Role

NVIE facilitated a Level II ASHRAE Energy Audit at Amerityre which was performed by a local service provider L&S Energy Services. The Energy Audit outlined the benefit and ROI associated with the energy efficiency measures listed below. NVIE also assisted Amerityre by contributing $3,000 towards the cost of their Energy Audit with funding from the USDA REAP Program. 

Amerityre decided to install LED lighting & occupancy sensors and at their facility.  With that in mind, NVIE assisted Amerityre with an application for an implementation grant from the USDA. Amerityre subsequently obtained a grant in the amount of $19,576 from the USDA for their project. 

Amerityre’s total annual energy savings is $12,150 which means that the simple payback for this project is five years.  Note that the upgraded lighting in the production area has already improved efficiency, quality and employee morale as well.

Created June 2, 2020, Updated April 27, 2022