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We believe in manufacturing and the value it brings to Nevada and America—to businesses and people alike. To support the entrepreneurial spirit of makers and innovators, we serve as the bridge between industry and state, opening doors to resources and training. 

Manufacture Nevada works side-by-side with Nevada manufacturers, connecting them to a comprehensive network of resources, experts, and solutions that help their businesses succeed and grow. We are committed to helping manufacturers succeed, not with a list of prescribed to-dos, but by getting to know their business intimately and sharing our deep understanding of modern manufacturing processes, business strategies, and workforce management. Manufacture Nevada is a program of the University of Nevada, Reno serving Nevada manufacturers statewide.

Nevada’s potential to be a leader in manufacturing has no limits. Together we can forge a stronger future by creating a connected, thriving industry for this generation and the next.

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Success Stories

Invest Time to Reduce Down Time

Reported Year
Kennametal was experiencing significant operational down time as a result of its processing pumps continuously being out of service. Given the large number, and specific requirements of each pump, redundant capacity to maintain operational continuity was an ongoing challenge. Kennametal recognized the need to improve this aspect of their operation

Automation Advances Minting in the Silver State

Reported Year
In the minting industry, the weighing process of silver blanks requires precision and accuracy. The slightest air movement, including the breath of an operator, can produce an inaccurate weight. SMI was experiencing a high level of product rejections that slowed production. SMI engaged with Manufacture Nevada, part of the MEP National Network™, to
Created March 18, 2019, Updated February 16, 2024