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Fluid Growth: Cultivating Talent at Premium Waters

With the help of: Manufacture Nevada


As a pioneering figure in the U.S. bottling business, Premium Waters has continually pursued innovation and sustainability in all facets of its operations. The Premium Waters Las Vegas facility epitomizes excellence in the bottled water industry. With 54 dedicated employees, the company is unwavering in its commitment to delivering the highest quality products. The facility was built in 2016 with a need to supply western United States.

The Challenge

Premium Waters faced a critical need to enhance the skills of its workforce across various areas such as employee safety, lean manufacturing principles, and food safety standards. To achieve their goal of becoming the industry's premier bottled water company, leadership sought assistance to implement tailored training programs aimed at enhancing employee safety, driving operational efficiency, and ensuring product safety.

Recognizing that a well-trained workforce was essential for long-term success, Premium Waters embarked on a journey to instill a culture of continuous improvement and excellence. By investing in their employees' development and leveraging external expertise, leadership aimed to empower their workforce with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in a competitive market landscape.

Our partnership with Manufacture Nevada has been instrumental in our journey. The relationship continues to build, and we greatly appreciate the abundance of resources provided by Manufacture Nevada. Their dedication to always following up ensures that our needs are consistently met. We look forward to continuing this collaboration and achieving even greater success together

— Spencer Straughter, Plant Manager, Premium Waters, Las Vegas

MEP's Role

Manufacture Nevada, part of the MEP National Network™, as Premium Waters' invaluable partner, played a pivotal role in addressing their workforce upskilling challenge. Through a collaborative effort, Premium Waters accessed tailored training programs aimed at enhancing their operational proficiency. These included specialized courses such as Lean 101, PCQI food safety training, OSHA 10 certification, and CPR first aid. This comprehensive training not only equipped their workforce with essential skills but also fostered teamwork, boosted morale, and ensured active involvement, ultimately driving efficiency, and maintaining safety standards compliance.

Premium Waters witnessed significant positive impacts following the implementation of the comprehensive training programs facilitated by Manufacture Nevada. These impacts have propelled the company towards enhanced operational efficiency, increased market opportunities, and improved safety standards. These results reflect Premium Waters' dedication to continuous improvement and excellence. The company is well positioned for sustained growth and success, thanks to the invaluable support and guidance provided by Manufacture Nevada.

Created May 3, 2024, Updated May 7, 2024