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Aerospace Component Manufacturer Takes Flight With AS9100 Implementation


Summit Aerospace USA Inc. (SAUI) has provided customers with superior milling and turning services since the 1970s. Primarily catering to the aircraft engine component sector, SAUI has built a reputation for delivering innovative, trusted machining solutions that help customers achieve new levels of productivity while continuing to expand its product line and services to meet emerging customer requirements. SAUI currently operates one shift staffed with associates who are highly experienced and quality-focused. SAUI has the ability to increase its capacity in order to meet additional demand requirements from our customers. Summit's state-of-the-art, 16,200-square-foot facility is located in Mount Pocono, PA. SAUI is strategically located just 95 miles west of Long Island NY, one of the world's largest aerospace centers.

The Challenge

SAUI was in need of AS9100 certification in order to secure new customers, meet the industry certification demands of its existing customers and illustrate its commitment to unsurpassed quality. The company had put off the pursuit of AS9100 due to cost concerns and personnel resource constraints. They turned to NEPIRC for an AS9100 implementation that was cost-effective and would not overly burden their existing staff resources. 
All of the services we have procured from NEPIRC have been beneficial to our organization. The knowledge, professionalism and ability to adapt concepts to our niche industry and business have exceeded our expectations. We would absolutely recommend NEPIRC's services to businesses in the area that could benefit.
— Michael Rkun, Quality Manager

MEP's Role

NEPIRC provided AS9100 implementation assistance using a proven methodology that allows NEPIRC clients to internalize and really take ownership of the AS9100 quality system requirements without being overly burdensome. Rather than providing a cookie-cutter approach or, conversely, doing all the work for the client (which ultimately reduces client personnel buy-in, as it's not viewed as "their" system), NEPIRC took a custom approach that worked for Summit Aerospace and fit their budget, timeline and staff capabilities. Summit achieved the AS9100 designation they desired with minimal disruption and delay. 
Created June 2, 2020, Updated July 12, 2021