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Wisconsin Center for Manufacturing and Productivity (WCMP)

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The Wisconsin Center for Manufacturing and Productivity (WCMP) collaborates with the UW Stout Manufacturing Outreach Center (MOC) and the Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WMEP) to help Wisconsin manufacturers grow their businesses and become more profitable. WCMP enhances the success of Wisconsin's small to midsize manufacturers by providing expert and accessible services in the areas of growth and innovation, continuous improvement, training, export assistance, supply chain management and profitable sustainability. WCMP is a strong advocate for manufacturers in Wisconsin and champions Wisconsin manufacturing at a national level. A strong supporter of the state’s small and midsize manufacturers, WCMP strives to transform industry through consulting services, industry studies, seminars, publications and annual Manufacturing Matters! and Manufacturing Advantage conferences.

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Success Stories

Team Industries Transforms Painting Facility with Innovative IT-OT Solutions from WMEP

Reported Year
Team Industries, Inc., faced a challenge with their extensive painting facility and sought a technological solution for efficient data logging. Additionally, they aimed to explore alternative paint spray options. The current manual recording of operational data by operators prompted the need for a more streamlined approach. To ensure comprehensive

Transformational Productivity Creates a Custom Roadmap

Reported Year
CGC needed guidance at a critical time. They were in the process of expanding into complex new markets (e.g., aerospace), and looking to position themselves as competitors against the industry’s biggest players. CGC wanted a roadmap that prepared them for strategic growth without compromising their unique culture, which is keenly focused on the

Continuous Improvement through Organizational Development

Reported Year
As FreMarq’s sales grew, so did its organization, adding more complexity to on-time deliveries, quality, and production needs. These factors are a serious threat to a growing business. “We can’t afford not to perform," stated Todd Fredrick, co-owner and founder of FreMarq Innovations. “We have talented people; we just needed a better way to execute
Created March 18, 2019, Updated February 16, 2024