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Many enterprises have become driven by digital data, including manufacturing, engineering, and scientific domains. With the ubiquity of Web browsers and Web

WG1 Terminology

Working Group 1 will work on identification of currently used national and international standards, guidelines and other relevant documents, as well as terms

WG2 Biobanks and Bioresources

The ISO/TC 276/WG 2 will elaborate a package of International Standards in the Biobanks field including human, animal, plant and microorganism resources for

WG3 Analytical Methods

The ISO/TC 276/WG 3 Analytical methods aims to develop standards for accurate, reproducible and robust measurement and analysis in support of biotechnology.WG 3

WG4 Bioprocessing

Within bioprocessing, Working Group 4 has currently identified standardization needs in four major technology spaces: 1) component materials control; 2)

WG5 Data Processing and Integration

ISO/TC 276/WG 5 “Data processing and integration” aims to develop ISO deliverables for traceable, searchable, and interoperable data together with integrated

Wireless Access Networks

These projects/programs investigate the future generations of wireless technology relying on physical, MAC layer and network layers to design the advanced ad

Wireless M2M Network For Power Grid

With the massive integration of distributed renewable energy sources (RESs) into the power system, the demand for timely and reliable network monitoring

Wireless Systems Metrology

Imagine how much safer a fire fighter's job would be if it were possible for a robot to navigate in a burning building and locate those in need of assistance

Working Group Structure

The US TAG assumes a mirror structure to ISO/TC 276. As each member country has one vote within ISO/TC 276, the US vote is determined by the consensus position

WSQ Certification Procedure

This WSQ testing is updated for "Wavelet Scalar Quantization (WSQ) Gray-Scale Fingerprint Image Compression Specification Version 3.1" which is available at

X-Ray Computed Microtomography

Seeing inside a material object, in three dimensions, is often crucial for proper characterization, so that the link between microstructure and properties can

X-ray computed tomography (CT)

Work in X-ray computed tomography has centered the quantification of density and length in CT reconstructions, including the creation of two Standard Reference

Xray Stress Measurement

Using X-ray diffraction techniques one can measure the full stress tensor just inside the surface of a sheet metal specimen under applied load. For experiments

Yield Surface Measurement

In order to calculate the stresses that develop within a formed part, and thereby compensate for such things as elastic springback, it is necessary for the