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Projects/Programs: mgi

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Materials Design Toolkit

This framework provides the generic environment for materials design. The ICME (Integrating Computational Materials Engineering) approach is implemented for

MGI Code Catalog

The MGI Code Catalog represents an extensive collection of information about software relevant to computational materials science and materials data analysis

NIST Materials Resource Registry

Materials Resource Registry allows for the registration of materials resources, bridging the gap between existing resources, software and repositories and end

Object Oriented Finite Elements (OOF)

OOF is a collaborative effort between the Information Technology Laboratory and the Material Measurement Laboratory at NIST. The intended audience of the OOF


OpenCalphad (OC) is an informal international collaboration of scientists and researchers interested in the development of high quality software and databases

Scientific Workflow

The ubiquity of computers has profoundly influenced science. Sophisticated software tools and easy access to high-performance computing promises to be a