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NIST Workshop on A Common Data Format for Electronic Voting Systems - Papers


Opening Remarks

Cita Furlani, Director, Information Technology Laboratory, NIST

John Wack, NIST Voting Program Technical Manager, slides

James Long, Election Assistance Commission, slides

Panel 1 - Election Official and State Experiences with Common Data Formats

Paul Miller, Voting Systems Manager, State of Washington, Office of the Secretary of State, "Common Data Language" and slides

Paul Lux, Supervisor of Elections, Okaloosa County, Florida, "White Paper, Okaloosa County," "Exhibit 1," and "Exhibit 7," and slides

Lowell Finley, Deputy Secretary of State, California, slides

Paul Stenbjorn, Information Services Manager, Virginia State Board of Elections, "The Use of XML in Election Night Reporting" and slides

Scott Hilkert, Managing Principal and COO, Catalyst Consulting Group, Inc., "Application of Lessons Learned in the Illinois EDC Project Toward Emerging Election Data Standards and System Guidelines" and slides

Neal McBurnett, Consultant, ElectionAudits, "Obtaining Batch Reports and Audits from Election Management Systems: Election Audits and the Boulder 2008 Election" and slides

Panel 2 - Common Data Format Research

Andrea Mascher, The University of Iowa, "Recommendations for Voting System Event Log Content and Semantics" and slides

Sharon Laskowski, NIST, slides

David Flater, NIST, "A VVSG-derived model of election data" and slides

John Sebes, Co-Director, Open Source Digital Voting Foundation, "Common Data Formats For Digital Voting Systems" and slides

Kim Brace, Election Data Services, slides

Panel 3 - OASIS Election Markup Language (EML) Overview

John McCarthy, Verified Voting, "Election Plumbing Standards: Data Format Requirements for Inter-Operability, Data Publication and Election Auditing" and slides

John Borras, Chair of OASIS E & VS Technical Committee, "Requirements for Common Data Formats and Standards for E-Voting" and slides

David Webber, OASIS / Open Voting Solutions Inc., "Experiences with California Secretary of State Election Night Reporting" and slides

Panel 4 - Manufacturer and Integrator Panel Discussion

Duncan Buell, University of South Carolina, slides

Ed Smith, Dominion Voting, slides

Eric Coomer, Sequoia, slides

Parker Abercrombie, Open Voting Consortium, slides

Daemmon Hughes, Overseas Vote Foundation, slides

Aaron Strauss, Voting Information Project, slides


Ted Lautzenheiser, Office of Minnesota Secretary of State, "Precinct Results Best Practices"

Created March 30, 2010, Updated January 27, 2022