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High Performance Computing and Visualization

We develop innovative tools and techniques for scientific visualization and high performance computing to advance measurement science.

The group develops novel algorithms and implementations for parallel and distributed computation in a variety of hardware environments. Researchers create innovative techniques for immersive scientific visualization in a variety of local and distributed hardware environments. They also develop and utilize techniques and tools of mathematical analysis, parallel and distributed computing, and visualization to improve measurement science, including the extension of traditional measurement science to the virtual world. Lastly, the group contributes to the development of scientific applications at NIST through multidisciplinary collaborative projects.



Visualization of a mathematical model of the flow of concrete with interactive controls
Visualization of a mathematical model of the flow of concrete with interactive controls


News and Updates

Projects and Programs

Future Computing Systems and AI

Quantum dots (QDs) are a promising quantum computing approach that over the past years have been gaining popularity as candidate building blocks for solid-state

High Performance Computing

Our High Performance Computing (HPC) program enables work on challenging problems that are beyond the capacity and capability of desktop computing resources


ITL researchers realize that visualization of scientific data can provide an understanding of the phenomenon or data being studied. Visualization can be


Extending Explainable Boosting Machines to Scientific Image Data

Daniel Schug, Sai Yerramreddy, Rich Caruana, Craig Greenberg, Justyna Zwolak
As the deployment of computer vision technology becomes increasingly common in science, the need for explanations of the system and its output has become a


HEV: High End Visualization

We have developed a virtual measurement and analysis laboratory in a 3D immersive virtual environment using a CAVE hardware configuration and a software

OpenSceneGraph Multi-card Scaling Test

We have observed a problem with OpenSceneGraph (OSG) in which parallel, multi-threaded, applications do not scale properly to multiple graphics cards. The